Gabi's Auto Service Center Farmington,Michigan Auto Repair Shop

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Family Owned & Operated For Over 30 Years

About Us

We offer complete car care service from routine dealer recommended maintenance to complete diagnostics and full service auto repair. We know that our reputation is built "one customer at a time" and we appreciate your business.
Welcome to Gabi's Auto Service Farmington,Michigan

Gabi Grossbard opened Gabi's Auto Service because he wanted to be great- great at customer service, which he did for years at a dealership, and great a getting his customers repairs they need, when they need them and for the right price.

Gabi opened his shop in Farmington Hills with an open door policy. "The average person doesn't know that much about cars," Gabi said. "My shop manager will actually take you underneath your car and show you what is broken, what I'm recommending and why. I don't tell you, "you have to replace your shocks and struts," I show you why."

It's the kind of personal touch that Gabi, and shop manager Rob Wall bring to their customers that the dealers just can't deliver, he said. Wall has been in the business for more than 20 years.

"He will not promise you a job at a certain time that he knows he can't do just to get the job," Gabi said. "And he's not going to low ball you a number to get your car here, then tell you it's more. It's not how we operate, it's not what we do.

Gabi's will give you a full estimate for free and works on all makes and models foreign and domestic cars and trucks. They'll even give you a free soft drink or cold water – just for stopping in. No need to even be a customer.

And the staff at Gabi's won't try to sell its customers services or repairs it doesn't need. Gabi said there were some mechanics he didn't hire when he opened because they are so programmed to "up sell" to customers, and that's not what Gabi's focus is.

"If I inspect your car and it looks great, I will tell you that," Gabi said. "My job is to make recommendations, but I'm not going to recommend something you don't need hoping you'll buy it." They also won't guess at a vehicles problem. The staff will conduct a full diagnosis, which often leads to finding a problem that is less severe than what they have been told at other shops.

"We've had customers come in and say they need a new starter and we'll find a loose wire," Gabi said. "Our philosophy is to diagnose. Not guess."